Over the last 20 years, our clothes not only dress people but has made dreams come true.

Making clothes is in our blood. It all started from our great-grandfather in the 1920s. 
My twin sister and I started making clothes at 19 years old, Solei is more than a new brand. Solei is community. Solei is service, Solei is fair labor, Solei is opportunity.
Solei is passion for this expanded vision of providing the world with beautiful, artisanal hand made apparel with a 21st Century vision that echoes the beautiful tradition of our past.
Most importantly, Solei is support to small women's cooperatives in the rural nearby communities of our hometown in Mexico.
As part of the vision in our distribution center in the US, we are launching ETHNIC, a new line of artisanal clothing for women that represent the exquisite styles of the different Mexican ethnicities and its rich culture.
We are very proud of this and wish to share it with the World.