Traditional Mexican Folkloric Chiapaneco Dress. Vestido Chiapaneco Ruedo Sencillo.

Model: Chiapaneco Ruedo Sencillo Dress

This Beautiful Chiapaneco Dress is a very elegant and traditional Mexican Dress from Chiapas.
It has a beautiful floral design that is completely hand embroidered with yarn or silk thread.
This dress is perfect for a special occasion, celebration or photo shoot.

This dress is handmade with love for you by Mexican Artisans in Chiapas, Mexico.

Single Hem
Hand Embroidered in Yarn or silk thread
Made in Mexico (Imported)

    Polyester, Yarn, Silk Thread Hand Wash, Line Dry

    Length is 40.5" The skirt comes open on the waist, so that the client can adjust it to their desired sizes. Customer can use a pin or button to close the skirt off.

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