Hand Painted Heart Earrings. Aretes Corazon Sagrado Abanico.

Corazon Sagrado Abanico Earrings

Model: Corazon Sagrado Abanico Earrings

These beautiful gold plated earrings feature a hand painted floral design on wood.
The colored silk thread fan make it the perfect accessory and pop of color for your outfit!

Every piece is completely unique because of the detailed process that goes into creating it.
The black lacquer is created by mixing in layers of dirt with a grease from the Cochinilla bug. The flowers are painted on with our finger tips using ground up natural pigments and linseed oil. To finish the process we apply a protective coat to conserve the painting and give it a shiny look.

The earrings are made in Mexico by Artisanal hands made with love for you.

Gold Plated, Hand Painted Floral Design, Silk Thread Fan

Length: 3 Inches

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